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Our Comprehensive Sewer Services

We offer our customers a wide variety of sewer cleaning and repair service, including:
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Pipe and Drain Cleaning
  • Plumbing Installation
  • Storm Drain Services
  • Immediate Response Sewer Cleaning
  • Yard Drain Repair/ Cleaning
  • Kitchen/ Bathroom Sink Repair
As a professional plumbing service, ACR is able to handle all of your sewer-related needs. We can unstop a clogged toilet, repair or replace fixtures or piping in your home, or provide any other sewer-related service. Call us today at (714) 990-1999 to make your appointment.

Services in Detail


Drain Cleaning

No matter how careful you are, your sinks are going to clog. Sinks accumulate hair, soap, and other foreign objects. Even though most modern sinks have strainers, their continual use causes them to stop and back up.

Most bathrooms and kitchens sinks are connected through a network of pipes, which means that an issue affecting one can affect them all. When your sink backs up or clogs, the clog source is usually further into the pipe system and not in the actual trap. When this happens, store- bought cleaning solvents are ineffective, and professional equipment is required.

Sewer Line Stoppage

Because of its sheer amount of daily use, sewer line backup is common occurrence. The sewer line in your home functions by transporting all of the waste water that has accumulated in your system into the main sewer connected to the rest of the city. These systems experience a heavy amount of daily use, which makes leaks and clogs fairly common. They occur as a result of small soap deposits clogging or corroding the line.

In addition to soap deposits, the trees located outside of your home and in the surrounding neighborhood can interfere with the main sewer line. Your main sewer line is made up of a large network of interlinking pipes, and tree routes will grow into the segmented pieces of the pipe system. This can often results ins tops and clogs, but is easily avoided with regular professional maintenance of the landscape.

Septic Tank & Cesspool Repair

Poorly maintained and improperly operating septic tanks are the leading contributors to groundwater pollution. These units not only do damage to the environment, but leak hazardous waste into the soil of your property. This can which can cause long term negative health affects to you and your families health. In order to avoid pollution, the spillage of hazardous waste, and potentially dangerous health consequences, we recommend that all of our customer have their septic tanks pumped and maintained at least once every 1 to 2 years.

This ensures that everything is runny properly and our property and family are protected. You'll also avoid expensive repair bills that occur after something has already broken. ACR Plumbing specializes in repairing and replacing septic tanks. Our prices are competitive, and all repairs are made promptly.

Water Main Leak Repair

A pool of water accumulating outside of your home is usually a strong indication of a leak. A less obvious indication is of a problem with your water line is low water pressure in your home. Unfortunately, sometimes leaks don't come with such obvious symptoms. This can result in expensive, unexpected repairs. If the leak in your water main is noticeable from outside of the home, the city will usually sent a letter mandating that you repair the issue immediately.

The amount of time you're allotted to make repairs will vary depending on your city and county, but you're typically required to make repairs within 3 days. Homeowners are allowed more time to repair the water main under certain conditions. You may be given leeway if the leak is small and not doing immediate damage to any of the surrounding property or structures. But if your leak is potentially dangerous or damaging surrounding properties, the city will require you to make repairs immediately.

What We Recommend

In order to prevent future issues, we recommend homeowners have their main line cleaned and maintained at least once a year. Regular, yearly maintenance prevents clogging and inconvenient, expense repairs. We eliminate problems before they begin, saving you and your family time and money.