Bathroom Remodels in Brea, CA

In addition to commercial and residential plumbing, ACR offers high quality bathroom remodel services. We are fully licensed and insured, and have been providing bathroom remodeling in Orange County for the last 20 years. We work with you to create your unique vision for your home, and are mindful of your budget during the process.
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Domestic Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling in Brea, Ca
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Updated Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling in Brea, Ca
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can We Afford It?

When it comes to the first reason, many customers go back and forth over they want to spend the money. Can we afford it? If we can afford it, is this something we want to spend our money on? We understand your reasoning, and deciding to have a bathroom remodel isn't always an easy decision.

In cases like these we encourage you to think about how you really feel about your current bathroom. Does it bother you every time you walk in? Has it been an idea you've been considering for some time? If you answered yes to either of these, then we encourage you to reach out to one of our bathroom remodeling professionals. The average person spends more than 1 ½ years of their life in their bathroom. If you're spending that much time there, then you should like the way that it looks.

Is My Bathroom Safe?

When it comes to the second reason for a bathroom remodel, you and your family could be facing health risks. Bathrooms collect moisture from the sink and shower, and many older buildings were not constructed to withstand the humidity. If this is your bathroom, then that moisture may seep into the walls and wood and significantly weaken its structural integrity.

Although this may not mean that the roof is going to collapse, it does pose problems. Additionally, humidity and moisture create a ripe breeding grounds for pathogens. It is very possible that an inspection will reveal mold and mildew festering in your walls, which can be hazardous when breathed regularly.

Considering a Bathroom Remodel

You would be amazed at the potential your home has. It may not look exactly the way you'd like right now, but our bathroom remodeling experts are able to transform your bathroom and exceed your expectations. ACR works with you and your budget to offer affordable upgrades and beautiful designs that give add both beauty and value to our home.