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Water Damage Restoration

If you're reading this, then the odds are that you're in the middle of this situation right now. You may live in an area where flooding and fire damage is common. You may know families that have needed water damage restoration themselves. Acting immediately and decisively is crucial when repairing the damage done to your home or business. Every second the water is there makes it more difficult to repair the damage and remove mold. ACR understands the need to arrive promptly and treat your emergency as our number one priority. Our water damage restoration team responds immediately to the disaster. We offer the experience and skills necessary to clean up the mess and repair the damage.

Extraction & Cleanup

In order to repair the damage, ACR must first remove all of the water invading your space. This is no easy feat. It isn't uncommon for burst pipes to spray thousands of gallons into your structure. If your home is built into the landscape, we may be navigating through waist-high water. Our water damage restoration team utilizes an industrial truck-mounted generator. This allows us to promptly and efficiently remove all traces of flooding and water damage in your home. This allows us to remove thousands of gallons of water in almost no time at all, and to quickly move on to eliminating mold and other pathogens that have developed as a result of flooding.

In addition to using state-of-the-art equipment, our water damage restoration team is dedicated to immediate response. We responds to your water damage emergency with the speed your situation deserves. We answer all phone calls immediately, and those calls are answered by our professional flood restoration experts- not an answering service. Once your call is received, we immediately deploy an expert to your location. ACR is dedicated to mitigating your disaster and getting and you and your family back on track as quickly as possible.

Our Process

First, our water damage restoration team will eliminate all of the water from your premises. Next, we mitigate the damage done to your home and belongings. We have a variety of tools, and use distinct techniques depending on the extent of the flooding. The methods we use to repair the damage will vary depending on the amount of damage, the scale of damage, and the length of time the water has been allowed to sit. In addition to the our truck- mounted equipment, our water damage restoration team utilizes industrial strength commercial dehumidifiers. These will rapidly dry your home and reverse the damage done to your belongings. Acting quickly with a professional water damage restoration team gives you and your home the best chance of success. ACR also utilizes industrial grade air movers. By using these two items in tandem, your items are dried quickly and efficiently and have the opportunity to recover from the flooding.

First, we must dispose of the water and allow your belongings do try. Next, your water damage restoration team will use moisture detection devices to check for any hidden or unseen water damage. These devices allow us to find and dry and moisture that may be lurking behind walls or beneath your floor. They also ensures that all items have been thoroughly dried, giving them the best chance of recovery.

Our Philosophy

We utilize sophisticated technology, immediate responses, and high professional standards. ACR is the most prepared water damage restoration company in the business. We have high expectations of our employees, and are fully certified through the American IAQ Council. This ensure that the technician responding to your emergency is fully prepared to help you with your disaster, and has years of experience responding to water damage.

Additionally, we understand the mindset of a homeowner who has just walked in the door to find their house flooded and their belongings ruined. We know the stress and discomfort involved, and do everything we can to offer you the highest quality of customer service during your crisis.