Repiping Services in Brea, CA

In order to provide the full spectrum of plumbing service, ACR offers a residential and commercial repipe service. A complete repipe in your home or business is a very specific service, and requires years of experience in a particular subset of plumbing.

Our professionals have that experience, and have been offering professional repiping for over 20 years. Although each job varies depending on the size of your residence, the averre repipe takes approximately 3 days from start to finish. ACR offers lifetime warranties on all of our service, which includes both parts and labor.
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Commercial Repiping - Plumbing Services in Brea, Ca

Repipe Preparation

Before we begin the repipe, our professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. We ask that you are present for this so that you have the peace of mind of understanding what we are doing and how we will approach your repipe. This allows you to ask any questions pertaining to our work, and offer any suggestions about how you would like us to approach the task..

Customer service, safety, and preserving your belongings are very important to us at ACR. In order to ensure that your home stays pristine during the repipe, we cover all necessary items before beginning. This includes, floors, furniture, electronics, and any other items in the vicinity of our work space. After answering any questions and covering your belongings, we will turn off the water to your home. Our team is then ready to cut away and remove all of the old piping, carefully create wall openings, extract all debris after completing our service, and disposing of that debris ourselves after completing the repipe.

Only after we finish all of our prep work will be being repiping.

Repiping Process

Although each repipe is different, your professionals at ACR will follow a strict step by step process each time. This ensures that each job is completed safely and correctly, and that we are able to offer the same high quality repiping service to each of our customers. It also gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing exactly what we are going to do before we do it. Your repiping will consist of the following process:

1. All of the areas near our work space will be covered and protected beneath a thick plastic sheeting. This can include furniture, flooring, television, fireplace, photos, and anything that has the potential to be exposed to dirt and dust

2. Your ACR repipe foreman will walk you through the home and point out and exposed areas and wall openings. We want to be sure that you are aware of everything that we are doing, and that each step has your approval.

3. After completing the repipe, our ACR master patcher will seal all holes and openings. Each area will be sealed flawlessly, and will not affect the beauty or resale value of your home.

4. Finally, we will take you back to each area to ensure that each area has been covered and sealed according to your standards.