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Water Leak Detection

ACR offers water leak detection surveys for both commercial and residential properties. Our professional technicians can quickly detect your leak, and repair the piping without doing damage to your property. making repairs quickly saves you time and money in potential repairs. Small leaks turn into large leaks, which, can cause damage to your home. ACR locates the source of the leak using completely non-intrusive methods of water leak detection. We utilize sophisticated water leak detection instruments to listen or the sound of the leak. This allows us to locate water leaks below ground or deep within walls. We can also find origin of the leak without doing damage to your property, or by digging up your lawn or removing sections the wall. Our water leak detection methods allow us to locate small, hidden water leaks. Finding them early prevents us you from dealing with major repairs when the pipe bursts, and water flows out into the yard or out from the walls. Proactive water leak detection allows us to correct the issue before it becomes major and expensive.

Gas Leak Detection

Preventing and repairing gas leaks in your homes is very serious. Gases leaking from pipes can be both toxic and flammable, and have the potential to do serious harm to you or anyone else breathing them in. If you smell a gas leak inside of your home, be sure to leave immediately, and call a professional to make the repair. ACR offers gas leak detection to anyone experiencing issues in their commercial or residential properties. We have the experience to detect, locate, and repair even the smallest gas leaks. We also provide gas line repairs.
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We Offer the Following Leak Detection Services:

  • Residential Leak Detection Services
  • Commercial Leak Detection Services
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Utility Leak Detection Services
The Importance of Leak Detection
Routine leak detection is extremely important. The idea is to find and repair minor leaks before they turn into major disasters. It also allows you to avoid expensive, time consuming repairs. Routine water leak detection help you to avoid unnecessary utility bills. Repairing damaged pipes before they run off into your yard or behind your walls saves you hundreds of dollars. Leaks coming from the pipes in your landscape- although small at first have the ability to move and displace portions of the yard. This happens more often with properties located on a hill, or landscapes with multiple levels. Leaking pipes hidden in your walls can do cosmetic and structural damage to your home. Finding and repairing them before they become noticeable will save you from expensive repairs.
We Detect Leaks in the Following Areas:
  • Basements
  • Water Lines
  • Hidden Behind Walls & Concrete
  • Water Features Such as Faucets, Sinks, & Showers
  • Landscapes
  • Beneath Concrete & Asphalt
  • Utility Lines